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Phytologist 15 Absolute Anti-Hair loss treatment 12 x 3.5ml




The 1st absolute anti-hair loss treatment of phytosolba laboratories works simultaneously on 15 biological targets involved in hair loss and hair growth. Its global action slows hair loss and increases growth and thickness, no matter what the cause. For the 1st time, a 15th never-before approached target is identified: the pre-adipocytes. These cells stimulate the synthesis of the growth factors which are able to boost hair growth.

Hair loss slowed as of 2 months(1)More beautiful hair 75%(3)+ 5942 new hairs(2)Thicker hair(3)81%(3)OF THE SUBJECTS ARE SATISFIED WITH THIS PRODUCT 97%(3)OF THE SUBJECTS WISH TO CONTINUE THE APPLICATION OF PHYTOLOGIST 15. (1) Clinical study on 74 subjects during 3 months. (2) Average value of hair clinically evaluated over 3 months on 48 volunteers that present the best reponse. Average value of 2,222 hairs on 74 subjects. (3) Self-evaluation on 80 subjects over 4 months.



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