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It’s not easy keeping your mane looking great when you’re out and about in Singapore. With a tropical climate like ours, your hair gets exposed to frizz-causing high humidity. To maintain a healthy, thick head of hair, you’ll need to constantly protect your tresses from the elements just as how you apply sunscreen each time you step out.

High humidity is the number one culprit for frizzing up hair and weighing down fresh curls (a few hours out of the air-conditioned salon and goodbye perm!) as the moisture in the air reacts with hydrogen bonds in each strand. The best way to prevent this? Introduce a barrier between hair and the air when you apply anti-humectant products such as leave-in creams, serums or sprays.

The second major reason that humidity affects your hairdo so much is due to the strands already being dehydrated. Hair follicles in your scalp naturally produce sebum to moisturize and protect the hair but strong chemicals and daily wear-and-tear can weaken the ends. The drier they are, the more easily they absorb moisture and lose their intended shape.

It’s better to be gentle with hair especially when you’re letting it dry. Instead of blasting it with hot air from a hairdryer, which strips your mane of surface moisture as well as water within, let it air dry naturally. The same goes for regularly using straightening irons or hair curlers; always apply heat protectant sprays or creams.

Either way, it’s a good back-up plan to have a hair-tie with you at all times just in case that frizz gets a little too out of control. Pulling up your hair into a chic low ponytail or bun can ensure you look great no matter the weather.

Home care

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